About us

Durham's Leading Nail Spa

The team of La Vie Nail Spa are dedicated to providing quality services and products to each individual we have the privilege of serving. Our success is measured by the support of our customers and the trust they have in us. Through continuing education and creative teamwork, we strive for excellence.

The aim of the business is to provide nails of the highest standard that suit your lifestyle and top levels of customer service. Sanitation is our priority. All nail files, buffers and pedicure bowl liners are disposable and used one time per client. As nail professionals we pride ourselves in being able to give advice and technical knowledge to keep your nails looking great. In addition to providing clients with quality nail treatments, La Vie Nail Spa is committed to raising the standards of the nail industry. It takes a great deal of skill and a lot of training to create nails that define beauty and style. We pride ourselves in delivering training that enables nail technicians to consistently create nails as individual as you.

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